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Thread: Tapering Fun (NOT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth View Post
    I also used to drink 2-3 coffees per day so now I am down to one after I first get up and even tho I am craving it, I will not drink a second.
    That is very good b/c caffeine worsens the symptoms a lot. Definitely great decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luc View Post
    That is very good b/c caffeine worsens the symptoms a lot. Definitely great decision.
    I am learning that.....the hard way. Thanks for confirming my suspicions (sp) :)
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    Yeah, I used to drink three cups a day and I had to stop totally for w/d. Now, I have....wait for it......three tablespoons a day [sic] as a treat with milk and honey in the a.m. Can't tolerate more, but I look forward to this....

    Also had to stop reading or watching the news for a long time. Now, I can tolerate it. But, yeah, I wouldn't do it just before bed.
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