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Thread: Psychotherapy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheila View Post
    Ultimately, the successful student of Morita therapy learns to accept the internal fluctuations of thoughts and feelings and ground his behavior in reality and the purpose of the moment.
    Nice element of mindfullness.
    Keep walking. Just keep walking.

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    Yeah, and this quote you selected also has a creative and teleological element that I like -- what can I do with this moment? or what am I supposed to do with this moment?
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    "An initiation into shamanic healing means a devaluation of all values, an overturning of the profane world, a peeling away of inveterate handed-down notions of the world, liberation from everything preconceived. For that reason, shamanism is closely connected with suffering. One must suffer the disintegration of one's own system of thought in order to perceive a new world in the higher space."
    -- Holger Kalweit

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    I know that cbt etc is not going to take the w/d symptoms away, but I so often worry that my own fears add to them...although to be honest its 1.30am here so I feel almost FINE making me realise its not me...

    But anyway, I have the claire weekes book, I dont really like it, mainly bevause she talks so often about ECT and Benzos, but also because she talks about curing the anxiety with her methods, when I read the book Im always thinking, well thats all fine if your not in w/d LOL.

    Anyway I was thinking about buying the Feeling Good book by David Burns, has anyone read it? what other books would you recommend?
    Put on citalopram July 2009 during a physical illness - didnt need it. 40mg
    went down to 20mg July 2010 CT in Jan 2012 - 2.5 years on.
    Tried to restart July 2012 due to 1 panic attack (never had one before - start of CT W/D) - adverse reaction
    Down to 1.5mg from the failed RI
    Now at 0.48 and trying to stabalize - been 6 weeks
    now have SEVERE anxiety, akathsia, feel like Im on acid 24/7 depression, D/P, signed off work. Scared of everything..please God let me heal from this

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