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Thinker I read your thread and I really want to express my deepest empathy and sorrow. All people here know me and my personal story, I had the hardest, most torturous and long-lasting PAxil WD of all time, now 5 years after CT I am sstill recovering, slowly but it happens.
But even in my deepest and darkest times I still went out with friends, went out swimming and drove my car. So it appears that your situation is even worse than mine.
Also you mention really serious original issues, though the sentence "your origiginal contion has returned" drive many of ut to anger, for some people there IS a long-lasting original condition which is very difficult to tackle. I can feel with you because I had my portion: buillied since childhood, many rejections my women, a useless academic study and some failed jobs.
Now 5 years on the road I am building my life again, I am 44 years old and still know I have some future. I really really hope you can find a way out and maybe reinstating something and postpone an eventual taper is an option for you. As Luc tells: any condition can be worked on, I realized only last years that I have been in a victim pattern since early childhood, was never able to stand up against evil people and was also tortured by anxiety in many forms.
I have been working on it with a good massage therapist and though it it still a hard and long road, there is improvement and I learn to know myself and the world better and better. I thknk you have that option too.

Het lijkt erop dat je NEderlands bent omdat je refereerde aan een Nederlandse vertaling. Als je echt zwaar suicidaal bent moet je echt hulp zoeken en daar ben ik ook niet de aangewezen persoon voor. Ik weet dat iemand zich heeft laten opnemen in een kliniek waar men wel op de hoogte is van de risico's van deze middelens en niet klakkeloos het voglende middel zonder begeleidng voorschrijven. Misschien is dat een idee?
In elk geval alle sterkte, ik hoop vanharte dat je toch ergens de kracht vandaan haalt en de ruimte krijgt van je omgeving om dit te overwinnen, al zal het een lange en zware weg zij.

Send you a pm m8. Thanks