1) Why you got on the meds

You may have gotten on psych meds for various reasons – anxiety, depression, a specific event, an ongoing state, dizziness, hypertention, menopause, etc.

2) Noticing that the meds are not helping

The meds may have initially helped, or they may never have helped at all. Over time, however, you find you feel worse and worse. You become more and more tired and apathetic and may even get to the point of having no motivation to live, starting and ending each of your days asking yourself always the same questions ‘Why do I feel like this, and why are the drugs not working? Why is there not anything that could bring me joy, or at least a fleeting moment of respite from my distress?’

Your doctor tells you it is your original condition or that you have developed worse mental illness. And s/he gives you more pills – increasing your dose or adding new meds.

But you still cannot understand one thing – your original problem caused you to go to a doctor for help. S/he prescribed you drugs and promised they would help you out of your difficulties. But they have not. Even after years.

3) Epiphany

At some point, tired of not finding any answers, you come close to resigning yourself to the bleak fact that you have serious problems, need medication, and still aren’t going to feel very good.

Synchronistically, something happens to make you question this belief. Maybe a friend suggests you were better before the drugs, or you stumble across a magazine article about medication side effects. You probably decide to Google the question, and….you have an epiphany.

You realize that what your doctor called a ‘medicine’ was, in fact, THE very cause of your increasing symptoms and misery. You realize the meds are certainly not helping you with your original problem, and they have now added many more problems to your life -- a plethora of debilitating, bizarre symptoms.

4) Getting help here

You realize you have to get off the meds. It’s the only way to get your life back. You look for help. You find this site.

For some, tapering off the meds is easy. For others, it can take a long time, and be very difficult.

Yet, no matter how much time and perseverance it may take for some of you to leave the drugs behind, it can absolutely be done. We created this site to help you to gain a new perspective; to heal from the drugs; to address the original reasons you sought the drugs; to learn whatever this journey has to teach you; and to help you be happy again.

You have had one epiphany. But, we think you will have several more as you proceed along your path to recovery.