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Thread: It's Only a Matter of Time Before Reality Changes. For the Better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara View Post

    Keep walking. Just keep walking.

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    Excellent video! I must admit, when I first discovered my symptoms were not me, but w/d I was angry and was going to write to all those Drs. I went to.
    Now I have settled into compacency and have forgotten about it. I did't nwant to do it anyway when angry. My latest and newsest Dr. is at least agreeable to my tapering but also said "most people come off this every 2 weeks by cutting back 1/4 each time" and I felt the anger rise again.

    Is there anyone here who couldl word a letter in general terms and allow each person to include their personal bit? I just don't know how/where to start, but it should be done, right?

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    grandmaD -- You write very well -- clear, compelling, convincing, organized. I think you can write your own letter. If you want, you could post a draft of it here, and ask for suggestions, before you send it. It doesn't have to be long. You don't have to tell the whole story if you don't want, just make your point. You could leave a pad of paper out for a week and jot down ideas or phrases as they come to you. I often do that, especially since w/d, because things come to me slower.

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    "An initiation into shamanic healing means a devaluation of all values, an overturning of the profane world, a peeling away of inveterate handed-down notions of the world, liberation from everything preconceived. For that reason, shamanism is closely connected with suffering. One must suffer the disintegration of one's own system of thought in order to perceive a new world in the higher space."
    -- Holger Kalweit

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