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6 Jan 12

The hunger-fighting game announced yesterday that it has reached a milestone of one million registered players, who together are feeding the world’s hungry through donations of rice to the UN World Food Programme.

Since the game’s launch in 2007, Freerice players have already triggered the donation of nearly 100 billion grains of rice —enough to feed almost five million people for a day.

“When one million people each do their small part, the collective effect is beyond impressive—it’s extraordinary,” said Nancy Roman, WFP Director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnerships. “Players from all over the world and from all walks of life are coming together to play for a cause.”

Freerice players test their knowledge by answering trivia questions in any of six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and Korean. With each correct answer, ten grains of rice are donated, paid for by sponsor companies displayed in banners on the site.

The one million registered Freerice players hail from 179 countries and answer almost 2.5 million trivia questions daily. Players can test their knowledge as individuals or as members of one of the 28,000 Freerice groups, challenging each other in Freerice competitions while donating tens of millions of grains of rice.

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