Thank you, Luc, very enlightening ...

Well, just read what it means déjà vu, Déjà visit, Senti Déjà Vu Presqueel, I can not remember what's what, hahaha.
-Jamais vu. - Last summer we went on a camping holiday, I know well because we have been there many times. For a few minutes I lost, I knew I was in camping, but did not know the location. This happened to me two or three times more.
7 or 8 months ago, ordering desk table found a diploma with my name, issued in 2011. Do not remember doing the course. I showed the diploma a colleague and said, "Oh yeah, you and I made a online course". She told me some details and I remember.
-Déjà visa. To me, the opposite occurred. I was in a cafe, and the waiter brought me back the money. I thought: "paid or not paid the coffee .... Well, if the waiter will return the money, then I paid ... plus he has a good memory and I do not. Obviously, the waiter realized that there a mistake, hahaha.
I also had many doubts with spelling, even though I was always impeccable spelling.

Well, all this is past, because fortunately I do not these things happen