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Thread: Barbara's encounter with "The Spirit Of The Depths"

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    Barbara's encounter with "The Spirit Of The Depths"

    Now I'm able to say this has been a relentless adventure from the Tao. Unexpectedly, I became a major support network for a best friend who began a journey through withdrawal that had very few sign posts. We had no real resources to go to in the beginning and out of not knowing, small clues began to create a path.

    Years before, when starting college, I found I was drawn to literature classes because I was captivated by the complexities and paradoxes in peoples lives. Then, I started graduate school in Education, with an emphasis on Special Education because I was becoming aware that I learned differently from my peers. I hadn't yet identified that I had ADHD.

    This path eventually led to my interest in Psychology and currently I have been in private practice as a Psychotherapist for over 25 years. Now I'm wanting to venture out into another career path which is not completely clear at this time -- although, I'm finding IAWP is a lead into the next door opening.

    Through experiencing the withdrawal process with such a close personal friend for many years, I have come to honor a descent experience that has transpired in both of our separate journeys. And I have encountered what Jung calls "The Spirit of the Depths." Now, at this time (years later), I have come to understand that, paradoxically, I have gained strength and self awareness, which has helped me to more readily be able to let go in the moment and open to the unknown.
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    Hello, Barbara. So good you're here with us. Your experience will be of such a great value at IAWP. You know what withdrawal from psychotropics is first-hand, bravely helping your best friend (and not only) in the healing process.
    Keep walking. Just keep walking.

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    Hi Barbara..........

    it was very interesting to read your Intro see where you've been, where you are now, as well as your desire to move towards new challenges/endeavours.

    No doubt your professional life has been dedicated to assisting others in their healing journey. As well, your personal life has been filled with honourable intentions re: supporting your friend through the life altering experience of the WD journey.

    Bless you an million times over for being such a loving and supportive source to your friend! You have saved a precious life by doing so.

    I also feel for the journey of descent that you have endured along with appreciating the discoveries you have encountered from such a journey.

    I sincerely wish you continued evolution as well as best wishes in way of the new direction you wish to take at this time in your life.

    Peace, Continued Evolution and Many Blessings!


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