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Thread: Have you seen this??????????????????

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    Have you seen this??????????????????

    Put on citalopram July 2009 during a physical illness - didnt need it. 40mg
    went down to 20mg July 2010 CT in Jan 2012 - 2.5 years on.
    Tried to restart July 2012 due to 1 panic attack (never had one before - start of CT W/D) - adverse reaction
    Down to 1.5mg from the failed RI
    Now at 0.48 and trying to stabalize - been 6 weeks
    now have SEVERE anxiety, akathsia, feel like Im on acid 24/7 depression, D/P, signed off work. Scared of everything..please God let me heal from this

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    Oh my god...I'm shocked. I'm hoping we could all meet on PP, somehow.
    8 weeks on Zoloft in total, including my 4 week taper, ending on May 20th, 2013. Still going through emotional and partially physical hell.

    aka Epiphany-

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    Too shocked for words :'(
    02/2008-10/2010 - Citalopram 20mg
    10/2010-05/2012 - Paxil 20mg (1 Month quick Taper)
    15-18/07/2012 - Prozac 20mg
    21-22/07/2012 - Cymbalta 30mg SEVERE ADVERSE REACTION
    27/07/2012-13/08/2012 - RI Paxil 5mg
    14/08/2012 - Free from all Psychotropics

    Currently tappering off the Birth Control Pill. On 3/4 as of 16/07/2013

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