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Thread: Adverse Reaction? Please help ..!!

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    Hi, biscotaki!

    I apologize for taking so long after getting your PM. I'm doing a lot of thinking about what might help you. I'll start with these thoughts:

    I'm very glad you're taking the same dose each time you take your lorazepam, and that you're spacing your doses evenly. It makes a big difference to keep the levels in your bloodstream as even as possible. You certainly might be feeling the difference right now of switching from one form to another. If you didn't do a gradual switch to the liquid (and to slightly different dosing schedule) you might need a little more time to adapt to it. Some people need time to adapt even to switching manufacturers (brands) of the same med. (Not just benzos - any psych med.)

    Keep taking equal doses, as evenly spaced out as possible, from now on. That can be very important, especially when tapering. Taking larger or smaller doses at some times of the day to relieve immediate symptoms ends up causing big problems for a lot of people until they make their doses equal. That is especially important when tapering, but don't start tapering yet.

    I understand that you have increased symptoms with different dose times than you did when using tablets. Are the symptoms "bad doses" worse than the "bad doses" before you switched to the compounded.

    But one thing you might want to do is try eliminating cruciferous vegetables and char-broiled meats from your diet, for at least a week to see if it helps.

    For some reason those foods cause some people who are on benzos to feel like they're in withdrawal even though they haven't changed their dose. When they stop eating those foods they're okay again.

    This does not apply to everyone on benzos, and no one is really sure why. The theory is that it might be due to genetic differences in how different people metabolize benzodiazepines.

    Thee's a list of cruciferous vegetables on this page: It's talking about how healthy they are, and that's normally true, but not always when one is taking benzodiazepines. (I'm a vegetarian so I know nothing about charbroiled meats. Hopefully you do or others here might. I know it includes grilled meats because someone didn't believe it could cause problems (or didn't care, lol!) and after eating a lot at a holiday barbecue he found he is one of those who can't eat meat cooked that way while he's on benzos.

    Just try it for at least a week or so to see if it makes a difference, and eat other healthy vegetables to make up for the cruciferous ones.
    I'll write a signature when I can. In the meantime, if you're wondering why I have the nerve to act like I know everybody lol, you can read my crazy intro post here:

    Oh, shucks. I can't find a button to turn that into a clickable link. Hey, Stan (Mr. Computer Man!) - how can I do that?

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    what great advice Davka, as always, I hope you are feeling a bit better bisco...

    davke, with the cruciferous veggies, is that usually a benzo thing or does it apply to ssris too? in your knowledge?

    Put on citalopram July 2009 during a physical illness - didnt need it. 40mg
    went down to 20mg July 2010 CT in Jan 2012 - 2.5 years on.
    Tried to restart July 2012 due to 1 panic attack (never had one before - start of CT W/D) - adverse reaction
    Down to 1.5mg from the failed RI
    Now at 0.48 and trying to stabalize - been 6 weeks
    now have SEVERE anxiety, akathsia, feel like Im on acid 24/7 depression, D/P, signed off work. Scared of everything..please God let me heal from this

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    Davka, you are the voice of reason ..All that you said makes complete sense.

    Switching from tablets to liquid, was done at once. And yes, the "bad doses " are the ones after the liquid switch.
    Davka, they are all frightening because they happen in my head mostly ..

    I do get tiny tremors beneath the skin, but the unnerving symptoms are head pressure, and some type of numbness and crawling sensations on the head, dizziness which prevents me from taking care of myself, suppressed breathing,
    blurry eyesight, fatigue, and Oooh those scarry heart beats ..:( Relentless ..!!

    Davka, I am also a vegetarian, so no meat ..Thank you for the link, and also for the cruciferous veggies
    I will to as you say ..
    So you do not think that my suffering is due to paradoxical issues, but rather my body getting used to the change? I do wonder why it is that I get ill, and slammed with most symptoms about 20 minutes after dosing ...
    Last night the 8:00 pm dose, completely rendered me debilitated, and frightened ..:(

    I will continue to dose as you suggest, and hopefully become stable to taper...
    Is there a possibility that I may not? And if that be the case, what happens with tapering?

    I am completely overwhelmed with your knowledge and graciousness ..
    You are a Godsend to me ..I hope I can be allowed to rely on your expertise for what to to next ..:)
    Sending you love, from a thankful heart .. Biscotaki

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    Caroline, what a beautiful child you are blessed with ..:)
    Thank you for stopping by, and for your care.
    I have a long way to go ..But have been blessed with Davka advising on my predicament.
    I hope you are doing much better ..
    Wishing you well being and healing Caroline ..
    Love, biscotaki

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    Hang in there, Bisco. The suffering you are going through right now will eventually end. You will heal from it.
    Keep walking. Just keep walking.

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    Thank you Luc ..Today since the 6 am dose, my head is in a bad place.
    It feels like the feeling we get when we fall asleep on our arm ..My whole head has that feeling, and it is very frightening ..
    Also, it is dizzy, with another feeling like it is void of thought like dead weight.
    Very unnerving ..
    I wish I knew the cause...I hope you are well .
    Thank you for your encouragement ..You are so kind. Biscotaki

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