Hi everyone,
Three days ago, I started dosing with liquid Lorezapam in preparation for tapering.
I dose 5 times a day, for a total of 2.25 mgs.
I understand that my system would need to adapt to this change, and that I may have symptoms
because of this change, and I have.
The issue that is unnerving and confusing is that I become symptomatic during 2 doses.
The 8 pm dose, and the 1 am dose.
About a half hour before taking the medicine, I start having symptoms such as being unable to breathe, my heart beats feel heavy and scarry, head pressure, blurry eyes, dizziness, unsteadiness,
and overall restlessness. These symptoms last past 2 hours after dosing.
The rest of the times symptoms are there, but they are more lenient.
I wonder if anyone has gone through this, or has an understanding of what is happening.
I will be grateful for any thoughts ..
Thank you, biscotaki