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Thread: Use of antidepressants in Europe soars: study

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    Use of antidepressants in Europe soars: study

    The amount of absurd in the bolded part in the article below is staggering.

    And this last sentence: "A decline in suicide rates cannot be linked directly to antidepressants but the evidence in support of them -- when used appropriately -- is pretty compelling." A dead give-away they did not, in fact, manage to find the link between a decline suicide rates and the use of antidepressants.

    Times Live July 8, 2013

    New data reveals that the use of antidepressant drugs such as Prozac has soared by 20 percent each year across Europe between 1995 and 2009.

    Sweden, Norway, and Slovakia have seen the largest increase in usage of the drug, with a 1 000 percent growth in Sweden between 1980 and 2009. Icelanders are the heaviest users of antidepressants, with nearly nine percent of the population taking a daily dose. The lowest growths have been recorded in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, and Luxembourg.

    The UK has recorded a five-fold increase in the use of antidepressants since 1991 and a 14% fall in suicide rates over the same period.

    Researchers from London School of Economics and Political Science collected data from 29 European countries over 30 years, finding "strong evidence" that the drugs are key to helping treat depression, they said.

    "These findings underline the importance of the appropriate use of antidepressants as part of routine care for people diagnosed with depression, therefore reducing the risk of suicide," said researcher David McDaid.

    "The stigma surrounding antidepressants has decreased in line with improved awareness of mental health problems over the past 30 years, more counseling services and safer medication options."

    "Increased funding for mental health systems has also helped make anti-depressants more affordable and accessible," he added. "A decline in suicide rates cannot be linked directly to antidepressants but the evidence in support of them -- when used appropriately -- is pretty compelling."
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    This creep should be forced to take the highest "safe" dose of i.e. Paxil and then cold turkeyd from it. Lets looks whether he still supports those meds.
    Oh and if he then complains about intolerable symptoms, we tell him that just "his depression has worsened" and the only way to treat this is increase the dose even further...
    Why will this be a dream?
    Recovering from the ravages of withdrawal after 5 years on Paxil/Seroxat, originally prescribed for stress and, looking backward, PTSS.
    Though it is hardly possible to get something positive from the utter hell of repeated c/t's and protracted w/d, all of this unnecessary, I still believe in the possiblity to emerge from this as a healed, wiser human being.
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    It amazes me how many people are put in a/ds for things that have nothing to do with depression, become depressed, and are then told it is their condition and not the drug!!
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