Hello everyone,

I've been reading through the site for the last few weeks and am so impressed with the compassion and
support provided here - thank you so much for being here to help people like me navigate through AD

I had been trying to slowly taper Zoloft for several years only to get hit with major withdrawal issues - usually related to a stressful circumstance - and have to updose. Last year updosing didn't seem to help so out of desperation I switched from Zoloft to Celexa (and added 1 mg Klonopin which I had successfully tapered off of a few years prior). I have now been on Celexa since January (and still on 1 mg Klonopin), upped the dose 2.5 months ago to 35 mg. At the increased dose, am experiencing constant headache. I have been trying to stabilize on Celexa and have a few days here and there feeling fairly normal but aside from the headache have also been having quite a bit of depression/anhedonia/suicidal thoughts. I was trying to wait this out to see if my brain would adjust to the Celexa but because of the headache thought I'd try a small decrease of 2.5 mg a couple of nights ago. The headache only worsened so I went back up tonight to 35 mg. Am feeling quite defeated.

I don't know if you will read this, Sheila, but I noticed in your introduction that you started to get headaches from Paxil. Did you headaches worsen with every decrease you made in your taper? I just don't see how I am ever going to taper off of this med. if the headaches are this bad all of the time. I would love to hear more about this particular symptom for you, how you managed, and how the pain level was as you decreased. I was so impressed reading your story and how much you went through - I am in complete awe that you got through all of that and have such a positive outlook. I wish I could say the same for me but at the moment I am really struggling.