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Thread: No soy sólo yo

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    Bien dicho, Parox!
    Meds free since June 2005.

    "An initiation into shamanic healing means a devaluation of all values, an overturning of the profane world, a peeling away of inveterate handed-down notions of the world, liberation from everything preconceived. For that reason, shamanism is closely connected with suffering. One must suffer the disintegration of one's own system of thought in order to perceive a new world in the higher space."
    -- Holger Kalweit

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    There may indeed be some differences in the dose recently, Chusé. A tiny amount of it too much/too less can cause the reaction in your system. Stay strong.

    De hecho, puede haber algunas diferencias en la dosis poco, Chusé. Una pequeña cantidad de ella demasiado / muy inferior puede causar la reacción en su sistema. Mantente fuerte.
    Keep walking. Just keep walking.

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