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Thread: Occupy Psychiatry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luc View Post
    Here's some interesting info;

    We recognize that the psychiatric industry, allied with Big Pharma have massively misled the public to people's and society's great detriment. In essence, psychiatry has sacrificed the lives of its victims on the alter of corporate profits.
    In my opinion, I feel Big Pharma should have Federal Murder Charges brought against them from all the deaths they have caused by misleading people regarding these drugs.

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    i looked the streaming, i do not know if it is my computer or the hosting, but it was very long and with many stops, the youtube works better;
    i think Alto is doing much work for the sufferer, if i lived in San Francisco, you could see me in the group, in France, you will be arrested if you make something as this against doctors and laboratories;
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    Heh I went through all the vids just to find Alto.. guess I should have read the entire thread. Just from looking at that video shows how invisible this thing can be. I could never tell this person was ill or has been housebound for years.. I don't know much about Altos background.
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    Good point.
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    -- Holger Kalweit

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