Hi Sheila,

I have another piece of the puzzle re the iodine theory that has fallen into place and changes my thinking on any thyroid involvement.
First, Ed's leg muscles were notably ropey and there is no extra fat on them. More recently I noticed that the indentation around his long muscles had deep groves and the muscles were hard as rocks. Not in a spasm but just hard. His legs thinning but no apparent muscle loss.
Tonight we noticed there has been a change. This is significant. The change is that the muscles although still sore, are softer and more pliable. There is more flesh to his legs that I believe is water/moisture returning to the muscles. Very noticeable in this thighs. His legs are more healthy looking and fleshy. The clicking around his knees stopped (he doesn't have knee issues). .......
So now my theroy is that the iodine is involved in the balance of water in the cells. There seems to be enough in Ed's thyroid. The reading I have done suggests that the iodine in the body is 'reserve' for the thyroid..I don't think so. I think the body uses the iodine to regulate the moisture content in probably all the cells including muscles and organs. He had a lot of pain in his kidney too which has mostly subsided. So the body uses this iodine for other reasons that isn't as readily apparent as thyroid which is the popular thought. Ed's muscle pain and weakness was moving up his arms. This has entirely halted.
He began taking the iodine about 10 days ago. he noticed 'healing' or improvement by the 6th day and it quickly has been getting better.

Iodine may be available in health stores, I haven't checked. It is not available in pharmacies in Manitoba. They only offer kelp tablets. I don't believe they are strong enough to help a deficiency although maybe to supplement a healthy person, I don't know at this point.

What we did, I don't recommend...but we are willing to try it. Our dosage isn't as tidy as taking a pill. The iodine/salt looks like table salt but is a lot more potent than table salt. There is a recommendation by weight for a larger animal. Basically we did the math and figured out approx how much to take. We based the rough amount on figures from the website I posted on the iodine thread. It isn't exact by any means. It has given very good results so far. We will eventually drop the amount down. I am more conservative that Ed, and I take approx 1/4tsb/day. He takes a little scoop on the back of the spoon handle..about 3 of these scoops/3xday.

Yes thank you for the reminder of reading that story..I forgot about it but am interested.

I have some bad days still...but my w/d has changed. Where everyday was bad with some obvious windows I now have at least as many good days as bad if not more. I still have speech problems at times but not noticeable to others. My partner thinks the problem is done...I can feel it but it is improving. My energy is much better recently but it is not an agitated energy but a calm one.

I don't know if you are interested in trying iodine Sheila. If you are please let me know how it goes for you. It has been an interesting find for me.
...oh..another thing, Iodine apparently flushes Bromide, chlorine and floride from our bodies. Apparently it can take up to 3 years to clear the bromide. So, why wouldn't this be helpful in clearing all toxins in w/d as well? I think if Omega 3's are the building blocks..iodine is the morter that holds the blocks together.

****please remember that what I have mentioned here is just my understanding..I don't say it is correct and I may change my thoughts as time passes and I can see more what is happening. *****

Sheila, I am going to cut back on the Omega 3's from 11/day to 6/day for a while and see how things go. My gallbladder issues have subsided this afternoon and i feel good again. I have been feeling that the oil might be bothering me..but not sure. I was burping fish oil more lately until this latest problem. I haven't been diagnosed..I am guessing what is the issue.

I enjoy having you to talk to about all this Sheila. Thank you.